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Patterns and Change

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Hazards and Disasters
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About International Baccalaureate (IB) Geography - The New Syllabus [First Examination - 2011]

IB Geography is an important subject in our modern world of globalization and pressures upon cultures and resources. The ability to view issues from a wider perspective is appropriate for working in many different career paths. The nature of peoples’ working lives is changing. It is less likely that someone will spend all their life in one company or organisation. If your career path is to be varied you will need to develop transferable skills and be flexible. IB Geography fosters these qualities and provides a firm base for life-long learning.

IB Geography is part of the challenging two year IB programme administrated by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO). IB Geography can be studies at Standard and Higher Level. IB students are required to study six subjects. IB Geography is a group 3 'Individuals and Societies' subject.

Paper One is the 'Core' IB Geography paper which both Higher and Standard Level students take. The 'Core' unit is Patterns and Change and includes Populations in Transition, Disparities in Wealth and Development, Patterns in Environmental Quality and Sustainability and Patterns in Resource Consumption.

Paper Two is the Optional Themes IB Geography Paper. IB Geography Higher Level students complete three Optional Themes. IB Geography Standard Level students complete two Optional Themes. The IB Geography Optional Themes included on are: Freshwater - Issues and Conflicts, Hazards and Disasters - Risk Assessment and Response and Extreme Environments .

Paper Three is the Extension Paper for Higher Level IB Geography Students. The HL Extension unit is called Global Interactions and includes Measuring Global Interactions, Changing Space - the Shrinking World, Economic Interactions and Flows, Environmental Change, Sociocultural Exchanges, Political Outcomes and Global Interactions at the Local Scale.

IB Geography Internal Assessment is based upon a fieldwork investigation. Higher Level and Standard Level IB Geography students have a word limit of 2,500 words. - Online Geography Resources | on facebook
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