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Drainage Basins

AS / A2 / IB Geography (16-18 yrs)
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Vallée du Rieutort from Crête des Isards, Pyrenees, France
Image: Vallée du Rieutort from Crête des Isards, Pyrenees, France, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from geographyalltheway_photos's photostream

Drainage basins

Drainage basins

  • Examine the functioning of a drainage basin as an open system with inputs, outputs, transfers, stores and feedback loops.


  • Define stream discharge. Examine its relationship to stream flow and channel shape.


  • Describe the characteristics of a hydrograph. Examine the reasons for spatial and temporal (short-term and long-term) variations in hydrographs. Examine the role of hydrographs in forecasting the magnitude, spatial extent and timing of floods. on facebook
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