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Hot, Arid: Resource Development

Uranium Mining in Niger

AS / A2 / IB Geography (16-18 yrs)
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Base Knowledge and Understanding

Base Knowledge and Understanding

Responsible uranium extraction in Niger
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Lesson Aim

  • To examine the opportunities and challenges posed for resource development (mineral extraction and any associated settlement and communications) in hot, arid areas - focusing on uranium extraction in Niger.
Geography Activities


Geography Activities
Geography Activities

Uranium Mining in Niger

Use the following presentation, video clips and news articles to produce notes on the opportunities and challenges posed for uranium extraction in Niger.

You should use the following sub-headings:

  • Opportunities
    • Economic
    • Development
  • Challenges
    • Climate / Human Discomfort
    • Settlement / Population
    • Inaccessibility / Remoteness
Geography Activities

Video Resources

Report a missing video
Report a missing video
Geography Activities

Text Resources

The Guardian
  Niger uranium mining dispute a test case for use of African natural resources [10 January 2014]
The Guardian
  French nuclear group to monitor health at Niger uranium mine [12 December 2011]
The Guardian - Niger: Uranium - Blessing Or Curse? [10 October 2009]
Geography Review



Using examples, examine how hot, arid environments can offer both challenges and opportunities for mineral extraction. [10 marks]

The markbands can be found here - you need to look at Paper 2.

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