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  • About is the continually developing online repository of my teaching resources.

    The site includes lesson ideas and resources for Geography teachers and students. These resources are useful at Key Stage 3 (11-14 yrs), MYP Humanities (11-16 yrs), GCSE (14-16 yrs), IGCSE (14-16 yrs), AS (16-18 yrs), A2 (16-18 yrs) and IB DP Geography (16-18 yrs) level.

    My name is Richard Allaway. I am a teacher of IB DP Geography at the International School of Geneva - Campus des Nations. I am also an IB DP Geography OCC Faculty Member, Workshop Leader, Geography Consultant, Chartered Geographer, the Campus des Nations Secondary Technology for Learning Coordinator and Google Certified Teacher.

  • Resource Showcase [Free Samples] is a commercial website but I do provide a variety of resources for free!

    All the Humanities and Key Stage 3 Geography resources are free to access!

    The Online Geography Resource Showcase page links to a selection of the online Geography and Humanities resources available on Geography Mini-Sites, Geographical Mysteries, Lessons involving Geographical Visualizations and Geographical Case Studies.

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  • Testimonials

    "An astonishing teacher-produced site which continues to out perform any of the major educational publishers' offerings in terms of creativity, relevance and geographical rigour. A subscription to the site is an absolute bargain for any school, whether following IB Geography or not. The future of geography is bright, and this site will take you all the way..." Alan Parkinson, Author and Freelance Geographer

    "The best off-the-shelf lesson planning resource that I have ever used." Peter Price, Head of Geography, Charterhouse, UK

    " has been absolutely invaluable for myself and my students - who just received some excellent results in Geography!" Barry Hobday, Head of Geography, St Christopher's School, Bahrain

    More testimonials can be found here.

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  • Publications and Consultation

    As well a producing I am involved in the production of a developing range of electronic Geography books.

    Extreme Environments iBook

    I am available for consultation projects, workshops and training sessions. Please get in contact with me via's feedback and support page. on facebook
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